What do people say about SoSalt?
“SoSalt was the perfect solution while I was pregnant. It helped my sore throat when I couldn’t take anything else.”

– Kierra, San Diego

“Canker sores are the worst! I’m so glad I found SoSalt that relieved the pain and healed my cancer sores faster than

– Tammy, Las Vegas

“Not all salt rinses are equal. Thank you Soothing Waves for bringing us convenience and quality. I will not hesitate in recommending this product to my patients.”

– Dr. Kevin Dunsmoor, D.O., Columbus

“SoSalt really helped heal the sores I got in my mouth from braces. Don’t know what I’d do without it!” 

- Yolanda, San Antonio

*When you buy two SoSalt bags, it ships for the price of one!

by Soothing Waves, LLC

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Natural rinse for Oral & Piercing Care

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